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EJ, Allen and Rookie Visit St Mary's School

Thank you for visiting St Mary’s School last week. Your inspirational story provoked much thought amongst both children and staff.

The money donated to Hounds for Heroes by our school was raised by the School Council in December 2014. The School Council organised a sale of Christmas calendars, which they produced and sold themselves at an after school fund raising event.

 The members of the School Council are elected representatives from each of the 12 classes in our school. At a Class Council meeting, following the calendar sale, each class nominated a charity to whom they felt the proceeds of the sale should be donated. At a subsequent School Council Meeting each representative spoke to the group about the charity chosen by their class. The vote, which followed, was resoundingly in favour of donating the proceeds to Hounds for Heroes!

Your visit to our school brought to life the amazing work undertaken by your charity. It had a resounding impact on the whole school and was the focus of thought and discussion for the remainder of the day.

Thank you again – and to Rita, Rookie and EJ - for providing us with an amazing, memorable day.