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Harris LEJOG 2014

Starting on 11 August 2014 we are cycling Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG). As a family we will be spending our Summer holiday travelling the length of the Country by bike supported by a trusty mobile home. I (Steve) will be cycling while my wife (Janet) and boys (Jamie and Luke) will be able support crew, with the aim being that as a family we ride around 10 miles a day together. During the ride we will be accompanied by a number of friends and colleagues supporting on anything between 1 and 3 days. The journey is planned to take us 11 days leaving Lands End on 11 August, reaching the Scottish borders on 16 August, taking the Eastern route up through Perthshire and the Speyside valley arriving in John O'Groats on 21 August some 950 miles later!!

I have taken part in a number of rides before and stated (maybe regrettably now??!!) to Janet that I would do LEJOG when I was 40 ... I have now past that milestone and was reminded by Janet of what I had said, so I took up the challenge both personally and for the family, with the added key driving force doing it for a really worthwhile charity.

One of the biggest decisions we had was which charity would we support on the ride with there being so many great causes we could choose. As a family we decided to go for a charity which meant something to us. Janet is veterinary nurse with animals, and mainly dogs, being at the heart of both her life but also the family's life. The dogs (we now have 2 Scotties, Juno and Haggie) are integral to our family life and we know how important they are and so decided that Hounds for Heroes as a charity that trained dogs, that do mean so much to us, to help people who serve, protect and look after us all just felt right, therefore Hounds for Heroes it was!!!

raining has now started with extra spin classes and use of a turbo trainer to supplement the gradually extending rides preparing us for the adventure. August will be here before we know it but with the focus of raising money to train these dogs and supporting Hounds for Heroes it will all be worthwhile. Steve Harris