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NCS Social Action Project


We are a group of 10 young people that make up E032 also known as Team Belize. As part of our social action project we had to choose and raise money for charity. As a team we chose Hounds for Heroes, for two reasons. Firstly, during our first week at military based Escot we learned some of the stories from serviceman either retired or still serving, hearing these inspired us to want to give back to them in some way. We are also all dog lovers, so these two reasons together made Hounds for Heroes an obvious choice.

On Tuesday 25th July, Allen (the founder of the charity) came to talk to us about it and why it started. We all found Allen’s story very moving, he told us about his past and how this inspired him to set up Hounds for Heroes. By hearing how his own assistance dog helped him, we were able to get a clear understanding of how beneficial these dogs really are to the people that need them. He also told us how important our money is and what it goes towards, encouraging us to put all our efforts in raising as much money as we could for this worthy cause. As a team we decided to fundraise for ‘Puppy Packs’ which are full of equipment needed to help both the owner and the puppy in helping them to settle into life together quicker. We chose to specifically fundraise for these ‘Puppy Packs’ as we saw them to be the most immediate way to help the charity.

Also, on Tuesday, we completed a sponsored walk in fancy dress. We walked 7 miles around Basingstoke for the 7 years the charity has been running. We began our walk at Basingstoke College of Technology and headed towards five ways then up the Kempshott cycle path and back to the college. We really enjoyed the walk and raised £651.88 through our sponsorships.

As part of our fundraising we decided to hold a cake sale in The Malls, Basingstoke on Wednesday 26th July. We also had a stall with various other merchandise including miscellaneous items donated to us by the shop Tiger and flowers donated by Nicci-G’s Flower Studio. Through this we raised £80 to also go towards the ‘Puppy Packs’.

Our campaigning aspect of our project took place in the malls. After Hounds for Heroes sent us leaflets, we went around in the malls and handed out the leaflets to passers-by. Handing out the leaflets meant that the charity was given exposure so that awareness would be raised about it. With the charity being small and little known, we agreed it was important to try and raise awareness through this, to encourage more funding for the charity and help them to find partners to work with, so the campaigning aspect tried to lessen the impact of this barrier for the charity.

Also as part of NCS we had to do some volunteering. For the volunteering element of our program to link with our charity we chose to promote the welfare of animals. This led to the Blue Cross Five Post for Pets. Five Posts for Pets is done by posting on social media, on how to care for pets and some issues that may pop up.

We did this on our Facebook Page, @teambelizencs, which is where we put information about the cause, and the fundraising events that we conducted.

To conclude we have all really valued this opportunity to work alongside Hound for Heroes. Although the social action weeks have been difficult, knowing that all of our efforts were going to this amazing cause made it all worth it.


Team E032 – Team Belize