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Support our Soldiers donate £20,000

With the drawdown of troops from Afghanistan  taking place, the welfare  parcel requirement will reduce, though not cease altogether. There will still be some troops retained on mentoring duties and others at various locations overseas, still needing/requesting support from the charity ‘Support our Soldiers’ (www.supportoursoldiers.org.uk)

Having access to a healthy balance of donated funds, the trustees of ‘SoS’ decided to act constructively and prudently in disbursement of some of these funds.  To this end,  recently, Agnes Hunter, CEO of  ‘SoS’ journeyed down from Scotland to ‘Hounds for Heroes’ HQ to make  a donation of £20,000  in order to facilitate the placement and lifetime funding  of an assistance dog, to be named ‘Harry’,  with an injured veteran.

‘SoS’ will continue to allocate a portion of future fundraising proceeds towards a second assistance dog and is proud to be associated with ‘Hounds for Heroes’ in providing future assistance to our brave heroes.

Pictured with Allen and his four-legged friends’ at the presentation of the cheque:

Linda Cain, Agnes Hunter  CEO, SOS, Colin Clark, Trustee, Nickie Philipson-Stow, Area Coordinator, SWO Gareth Davies, Trustee.