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This is Phil's Story

Phil features in the Hilostmyclothes Charity Calendar, which raises money for Hounds for Heroes. The 2015 calendar will be launched at The Midland Game Fair, 20-21 Sept 2014
Phil's Story

Joined the army at the age of seventeen. Joined my regiment on my first tour of Iraq in 2004 straight out of training. Returned to Iraq one year later in 2006 on the same day we returned from the the last.
This time it was different there was uprisings everywhere but managed to get the job done and finished the tour in Baghdad working as force protection for the General.

Returned to Germany moved camps to Sennelager and recieved the call that we where deploying to Afghanistan in 2008 at the end of the summer all this time was spent training for the eventual deployment.
The day came C Squadron flew out to Camp Bastion on a RAF C-17. In Bastion we found out that my troop was split from the rest of the sqn we where going South to Garmsir the rest went to Musa Qala we where tasked with many different things convoy escorts to troop re supply and advancing below the forward line of enemy troops.

The day of my IED strike the 5th November 2008. We where taking new blokes to the patrol bases everything was going well cleared the route on the way down drop off and turned around back we went 10 mins in IED strike 300m to the front called it went to investigate and the rest of my troop arrived the crater was too big to cross so we turned around. The other crew said do you want us to lead I said no and pushed on travelled about 20 metres then bang the ear piecing sound like millions of windows smashing all at once and the biggest cloud I had seen that was it I woke up a few seconds later after being knocked out. Alarms where going off I tried to call for help my radio wasn't sending I could hear everyone trying to get hold of me but I couldn't answer then to say we where alive. Started getting treatment from the other call signs the Mastiff was stuck in a deep crater so was hard for me to get out the RAF came and went dropping engineers off with cutting equipment no use the mastiffs armour was to strong. Eventually I was freed and carried to the waiting aircraft and taken to hospital and my journey home.

Spent 4 weeks in hospital and went to Headley Court was up walking again by Xmas about 6 weeks then everything was going well in and out of Headley Court for a awhile got married to Louise and returned to Germany got medically discharged in 2012 And took up re training in health and safety and have now found a job within the NHS.