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What is the aim of Hounds for Heroes?

The purpose of "Hounds for Heroes" is to provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services.

Through this provision our aims are to provide help and practical support, leading to an enhanced quality of life for our clients.


How do you raise funds?

Funds are raised through donations, events and merchandise. There is no public funding and we rely totally on the generosity of our supporters.


What is an Assistance Dog?

An assistance dog helps to make life easier by completing everyday task that are taken for granted by able bodied people. The dogs can be any breed but to start with we will be using Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Labrador/Golden Retriever crosses. In future we have a vision to use rescue dogs.


How Can an Assistance Dog Help?

The dogs will be trained specially for their new owner and will receive bespoke training. Allen will tell you that there is no need to train a dog to take clothes out of the washing machine if the new owner is a young man who wants to go down the pub and have a few beers with his friends. Now we are not suggesting young men are not good with their hygeine but they might just have different priorities. However, if we were placing a dog with a young lady then the priorities might be shopping, washing and giving a feeling of security. Please see our Gallery of images of an Assistance Dog.


I am Disabled How Do I Apply for a Dog?

To find out how you or someone you know can Apply for an assistance dog visit our Apply For A Dog page.


How Can I Help?

You can help by organising a fund raising event, maybe a sponsored dog walk, a run, parachuting, skydiving, cycle ride, white water rafting, dog show or simple donating few pounds to our Charity. Whatever you do we would like to say a big thank you. If you wish to volunteer to help please complete our on-line form here


Can I become a Puppy Walker?

We will be looking for puppy parents when we have raised £100,000 to buy the first 5 puppies: the Puppies on Parade Appeal.

Assistance dog

Labrador dog posting a letter in a postbox for his owner

EJ shows what an assistance dog can do

Watch EJ in action