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We are very lucky to have some amazing photographs of our dogs and of the great people who support us. Therefore, we are creating galleries to show some of these great images.

The Assistance Dog

The dogs we train are very special and we thought you might like to see what they can do (navigation link on left of page). As can be seen an assistance dog brings a quality to the life of the recipient that has been sadly lacking for a while. This can be going to library, shops, out on a train journey and many others things. There are there for the comradeship and help out if an emergency occurs, truly remarkable animals.


The Hound's Gallery


The Hounds Gallery (navigation link on left of page) is a collection of images that show the great work that our charity and wonderful assistance dogs do. There is also some images of our supporter dogs, or reservists as we like to call them. The dog on the right is Berkeley and is one of our Resevist dogs. He goes out and promotes the charity and saves our working dogs getting diverted from the training program. He is a rescue dog and came from Labrador Rescue South East and Central for which Allen Parton is a Patron.


Copyright of images

Please feel free to use the images but we would appreciate a credit and a link back to our website www.houndsforheroes.com

Assistance dog

Labrador dog posting a letter in a postbox for his owner

EJ shows what an assistance dog can do

Watch EJ in action