Together we can

Following our recent temporary closure due to the pandemic, we are very happy to announce that our application process has now re-opened.

Hounds For Heroes assistance dogs can help you overcome some of the physical barriers and obstacles caused by your disability; promoting an increased sense of freedom, providing a loyal comrade and just maybe the beginning of a new life.

Our application process is open to all UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services personnel who have become disabled or been injured.

Life with an assistance dog from Hounds For Heroes could soon benefit you in many ways, from helping to increase your self-esteem to enabling you to do more on a daily basis.

An assistance dog will help you overcome some of your disabilities by assisting you in those everyday tasks that you currently struggle with.

An assistance dog may even inspire you to lead a more active and outgoing lifestyle, and help you embark on new adventures that at one time seemed unattainable.

A Hounds for Heroes assistance dog lives to serve and help you, and in doing so may provide you with the sense of comradeship and camaraderie that existed and was experienced during your service career.

Hounds For Heroes believes that everyone who fits our criteria, and requires the services of one of our dogs, should be able to experience the positive and life enhancing impact they will bring.

The cost of the assistance dog’s food, equipment, insurance and veterinary treatments are met by Hounds for Heroes.

Therefore you can safely apply knowing that in having one of our dogs there will not be a negative impact on your existing income.

Having an assistance dog will transform your life.

To find out more download our Information Leaflet or ring 01730 822811  or email with your contact details.