Together we can

Being partnered with an assistance dog can bring about profound changes to your life. Everyone’s needs and personalities are different, which is why we train our dogs to assist with general tasks as well as working on bespoke tasks to suit partners’ individual needs.

Our dogs can be trained to respond to spoken commands and, if needed, hand signals to undertake tasks that you find difficult – such as picking up items that you have dropped, like keys or a walking stick. They can assist you with dressing and undressing and they can activate buttons to open and close doors.

We can also train our dogs to react to certain situations without any command. For instance, should you fall or for any reason become unconscious, our dogs can be trained to get help either from someone in the vicinity or by activating an emergency call system. Some dogs are able to get a blanket and make sure your mobile phone is nearby for you to use if you are able to.

We are always finding new things that our assistance dogs can do. So, whatever your needs are, we encourage you to ask us before assuming that we cannot help you.

Finally, it goes without saying that our dogs also provide companionship with unquestioning loyalty.

Allen Parton with his assistance dog, EJ who is pressing the pedestrian button at a road crossing.
Allen Parton with his assistance dog, EJ, who is getting shopping items at a supermarket.
An assistance dog inserting a credit card into a card machine at a shop counter.
Allen Parton with his assistance dog, EJ who is taking out money from a cash machine.
Allen Parton with Endal Junior who is retrieving tickets from the bus driver.
Allen Parton with his assistance dog, EJ who is pressing the button to open a door.