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50 KG Sandbag Carry Up Snowdon

On Saturday 29th August we took on Snowdon! We set the challenge of ascending and descending Snowdon three times, up three different paths all whilst carrying a 50kg sandbag and within 24hours. All in support of our chosen charity “Hounds for heroes” who provide assistance dogs to our injured or disable service men and women of the UK Armed Forces and UK Civilian Emergency Services. We both own dogs and know from our experience how much they can benefit your life and can always bring the best out you. So we understand and hope by supporting our injured veterans with having a dog that it will benefit them and help support the life going forward.

50kg Sandbag carry
Ben Parsons, Gareth Wayt and Rhodri Morgans.

We started this challenge at 03:30 Saturday morning and started our first summit up the “Miner’s Path” in the rain of course. Luckily the sun had started to rise by the time we had hit the more technical parts of the climb and we hit the summit around 07:00 then made our way down to complete the first ascent and descent in just over 7 hours. With a quick 30minute turn around at the bottom to refresh our kit and supplies, we then started our next ascent up the “Pyg Track” at 11:15 on track to complete it in 24 hours. This was the most technical route but had the possibly the best views of the mountains around. This summit was hit 15:15 and we returned to base at 19:15 ready to then drive 25mins to the next start point at Llanberis. We set off on the Llanberis path at 20:05 and the weather turned a bit on this one with the fog, darkness and rain all settling in, but we continued on with our support man navigating us up the mountain. We hit the summit around 23:30 for the final time and then made our way down to complete the trip at 03:12, with 18mins to spare on our 24 hour challenge.

50kg Sandbag Challenge
Gareth takes over the sandbag carry from Ben

Throughout the climbs we had plenty of inspiration and motivation to keep us going. The on-going support from donations and various messages of support throughout the day was great and gave us a lift during some pretty tough moments. We also seen plenty of inspirational people doing there own personal challenges, from those taking their first ever trip to the top, those supporting partners to challenge themselves and to be healthier, families being active together and those challenging any physical limitations they may have. There was also some people taking on some big challenges themselves with one person running up Snowdon with Bare feet and another charity adventurer getting some miles in towards his next challenge.

This was a great experience and one we will remember for a lifetime. This was ultimately a challenge to do something we really didn’t know we could, this allowed us to learn about ourselves and what it takes to push yourself and of course make great memories. Hopefully this is a message not only on physical accomplishments but that surrounding yourself with good people and finding inspiration in that environment you can achieve allot and be happy doing it.

The team consisted of Gareth Wayt (shared the carry), Rhodri Morgans (support man) and Me (Ben Parsons).

50kg Sandbag Challenge
The challenge went on late into the night.
50kg Sandbag Challenge
Unfortunately the dogs were left at home.


Header image: Ben carrying 50kg sandbag and Gareth.