Together we can

Cut to the Message

Hounds for Heroes has received an incredible generous donation of £500 from Edge Matters. Every single penny the charity receives has such a huge impact on our ability to create life enhancing Hounds for Heroes dogs to work alongside our injured and disabled Services personnel.

Paul from Edge Matters explains what the organisation is all about:

“Man’s oldest and most used tool is a knife of some sort. At Edge Matters, we are currently the only UK forum catering for the interests of knife makers, collectors and users. Knives range from tiny pocket folders, like the common Swiss Victorinox, up to large chef knives, axes, and occasionally swords. Among the activities is bushcraft, much spear-headed by the well known Ray Mears, and of course many of us enjoy outdoor activities and camping. We promote safe knife/edge-tool use and often field questions regarding their use and the law. Two of our knife-making members very kindly made and donated these knives for raffles that we ran on the forum. One of our longtime members is a practicing magistrate and keen dog-walker himself and his suggestion of Hounds for Heroes hit a strong note with us all, particularly as a few members are servicemen, both past and present.”

On behalf of our partnerships, volunteers and staff, Hounds for Heroes salutes all of the Edge Matters family.