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Hounds for Heroes ‘On Parade’

Over the weekend of Remembrance, representatives from Hounds for Heroes and their dogs took part in the prestigious Lord Mayor’s Show in London. This historic event, now in its 804th year, winds its way around a nine mile route in the very the heart of London. The unrehearsed modern show is a joyful and diverse civic parade of over 6,000 people, with dozens of marching bands, military detachments, carriages, dance troupes, inflatables, giant contraptions and ceremonial displays. Every year is different and surprising, combining London’s ancient pomp, rowdy patchwork heritage and modern dynamism to create a spectacle unlike anything else in the world.

Once again we owe a huge debt of gratitude to CS Hodges who host the charity’s attendance at the event, this being the fourth year that we have appeared alongside them. The opportunity for Hounds for Heroes to raise awareness of our mission to a much wider audience in this way is absolutely priceless. Every member of our team taking part on the day felt an incredible sense of pride representing the charity on what was a very poignant weekend. Allen, EJ and Rookie, alongside our attending partners and their dogs, Damien and Gibson and Doug and Monty,  faultlessly represented the charity, maintaining the very high standards expected of assistance dogs in what was an incredibly noisy and some what alien environment. The cheering crowds along the route certainly raised the spirits of the dogs and partners throughout the march, the dog’s tails held just as high and waggy at the end as they were at the beginning of the procession.

The charity owes a huge debt of gratitude to CS Hodges who once again hosted the charity’s attendance at the event.