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VE Day 75

VE Day 75

Such poignant words from the British Legion:

“Today is a momentous day for us all, although 75 years ago is history and initially perhaps does not seem to be relevant, it most certainly is. We are experiencing an uncertain time currently, however those Britons and our Commonwealth and other friends who came to stand shoulder to shoulder with Great Britain faced even more difficult days for six long and frightening years. They sacrificed so… much for us all to enjoy the liberties and freedoms that we, in normal times have enjoyed and dare I say, taken for granted and now miss.

Now we have experienced our way of life altering, tomorrow please pause and think of what we may never have had if the Axis Powers had won WW2. If you do nothing else perhaps just offer some silent thoughts of gratitude that we live in our country that was and still is worth protecting. Freedom is not free, it is paid for in blood.”

Please enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend, stay safe.