Together we can

Our Hounds are specially trained Assistance Dogs.
Our Heroes are disabled UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services personnel whose quality of life can be improved by a partnership with one of our Hounds.

Hounds for Heroes was founded by Allen Parton. Allen received serious head injuries whilst serving in the Royal Navy and any meaningful recovery appeared remote until he was befriended by a special dog by the name of Endal.

The partnership that formed between Allen and Endal saw Allen make a quite remarkable recovery. Endal was voted ‘Dog of the Millennium’ and was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal for bravery.

Allen created Hounds for Heroes so that injured personnel from the military and the ‘blue-light’ services might receive the same help that Endal had given him. In his words “We owe them a great debt and this is our way of saying thank you”.

Hounds for Heroes uniquely fully funds the whole life of our Hounds. In this way the provision of an Assistance Dog does not create a financial burden on the partner at any time making the availability of the help we offer as wide as possible.

From our Headquarters near Petersfield in Hampshire we extend a nationwide reach to provide help to our Heroes wherever they may live in UK.

We have a small team of dedicated full-time and part-time staff who run the Charity, train our Hounds and process applications from those whose lives might be improved if partnered with an Assistance Dog.

A good and beneficial partnership happens when the right dog with the right training joins the right applicant. Training a dog can take up to 24 months; meanwhile the important task of processing applications, so that all applicants’ capabilities and needs are properly understood, takes place. These parallel processes culminate in a Residential Training Course when everything is finally checked before the partnership of Hero and Hound commences.

We are supported by a small army of unpaid volunteers who help us raise awareness of the aims of our Charity within the Armed and Emergency Service communities. Some of the unpaid volunteers are also Trustees who ensure the Charity operates correctly as regulated by the Charity Commission and ensure that Endal’s legacy continues to help our Heroes.

We are a Registered Charity and we operate only through the generosity of the public. Our accounts are lodged annually after audit with the Charity Commission and along with the Trustees’ Annual report are available for all to read.